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An accountant is one of your core advisers. Therefore, it is crucial to find a talented accountant on your wavelength.

An accountant´s task is to assist you in all economic aspects including working out and handling of:

  • Budgets
  • Meetings with banks or other sources of finance
  • Setting up computer based accounting
  • Interim balance sheets, hereunder VAT returns
  • Annual accounts
  • Tax returns
  • Audit of accounts, if your company is a Ltd or Plc

In addition, your accountant should be your natural daily sparring partner.

Tw types of accountants

There are two pervading types of accountant:

  1. A numerate calling him/herself an accountant
  2. A certified accountant

A certified accountants

A certified accountant has a kind of licence from the government. This ought to count for a certain quality in the work he is doing. Accountants offer a range of accounting and administrative services varying from one firm to another. Prices likewise vary.

Other accountants

Several persons offer accountancy without being neither a certified accountant. This is fully legal as the title "accountant" is free to adopt without any sort of restrictions.

This group of accountants are under no public control and customers do not benefit from the same secureness as those who consult a certified accountant. In return, such accountants are often less expensive.

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