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Even if you have already registered your company you might need additional authorisations to carry out business.

Below is a listing of the most commonly required authorisations and their authorising bodies:

The Municipality´s Technical Administration

Provides information on which buildings and premises can be used for business purposes. Not all premises can be used for business purposes – e.g. if they are located in a housing area.

You are, however, allowed to run business from home as long as the activity does not disturb the surroundings. If you run a translation agency alone it will not be a problem running it from home.
However, you would soon get into trouble if you were to sell used cars from your house in a housing estate area.

Search "xx kommunens teknisk forvaltning" for the specific technical administration in your municipality.

The Municipality´s Environmental Control

Approves and supervises companies subject to environmental provisions prior to starting business (noise, waste, stench, wastewater, etc.).

In particular, such provisions apply to restaurants and polluting companies such as auto garages.

The local Food Inspection

Are you going to start a restaurant, selling vegetables or produce jam, there are rules you should familiarize yourself with and follow. Do not start selling your goods before your company is authorized under the rules set by Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (Fødevarestyrelsen).

Among other things, they inspect the hygiene level in bakeries, restaurants and other food product outlets. They carry out random unannounced checks. The webaddress is:

No formel education needed

If you want to start as a hair dresser, graphic designer or make legal advice on Brazilian matters you can do it without a formal Danish education.

Though, there are some industries you cannot start in without a formal Danish education. That is doctors, dentists, lawyer in Danish law, electrician, sewage layers and a few others.

Afprøv gratis et regnskabsprogram

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Anbefaling godkendt af

It´s not about how many years of experience you have. It´s about the quality of your years of experience.
- Jacob Cass, designer


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