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Elevator pitch

Imagine that you are in an elevator and asked, "Well, what are you doing in your company?" Can you answer?

You need to know exactly what you sell. If you are asked: "So, what are you doing?" it is often quite hard to come up with a swift accounting answer for what your company actually sells. Many have a tendency of maundering, deepening or understating. This leaves the questioner with a diffuse impression of what has been said.

Try therefore to prepare and perfect a sales talk brief enough to be told to a potential customer in an elevator.

A waiter and an ICT expert could work out the below elevator pitches for their new business:

The waiter

I own the city´s most entertaining Sports Café with a capacity of 150 people. It is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology providing full insight into all aspects of the world of sports from separate monitors at each of the 40 tables.

We have specially trained staff to serve our menus and drinks at fair prices. Here is my business card, it is a one-meal-free voucher for you and a friend.

The ICT expert

We provide a service for companies enabling their existing financial management software to handle electronic invoicing, stock controlling and payments transferring. This is a requirement large companies will shortly ask their suppliers to meet.

Furthermore, e-commerce is cutting administrative costs. Those joining now will be ready to face the future.

Helping template

On the website you find a simple template that makes it easier to develop a good elevator speech.
The template has 7 questions all of which are formulated in such a way that they force you to be precise and clear in the wording about your business or product.

Afprøv gratis et regnskabsprogram

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Anbefaling godkendt af

Over-deliver every time.
– Alex Maroko, barsketball stjerne


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