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Before you start as entrepreneur

Find 100 answers to your entrepreneur questions
When you are in the process of becoming an entrepreneur or being self-employed, a lot of questions fill your head. What are the right questions to ask and how to avoid doing illegal things? Wanting to be an entrepreneur or being self-employed in a foreign country, you always run the risk of doing something wrong.

Here you’ll find 100 answers to help you do the right thing when you start as an entrepreneur or a self-employed in Denmark.

Sales and marketing
Legalise your business
Administration in a company
Financing startup
Personal consideration
Social enterprise


After you have started as entrepreneur

Answers to questions you may ask after you’ve started a business
As soon as you have registered your business, many new entrepreneur questions arise. Questions you need answers to — here and now. How to pay moms (VAT), what does an invoice look like, and what accounting system to use are some of the challenging questions for a new entrepreneur.

Find most of your entrepreneur answers here.

Bookkeeping and accounting
The person behind the business
Help to marketing and sales
The law and your business
Focus on revenue
Hiring staff