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Registration of a business - getting the CVR number

Denmark is one of the easiest places in the world to fill out the formalities for starting a business. It is all done online and takes 15 minutes.


This guide is only for foreigners already living in Denmark and who have got a residence and work permit.

Online registration

Go to the Start virksomhed web site (in Danish), use your NemID code and enter your basic information and you´ll become a business owner. It is completely free to start a sole proprietorship company.

CVR number

As an individual, you have a CPR number (Central Personal Registration number). When you register a business, you also get a CVR number (Central Virksomhed (company) Registration number).

When you register, you will automatically receive your CVR number.

During registration, you must choose which type of company you want to register under:

Sole Proprietorship (Enkelmandsvirksomhed)

If you want to start a personally owned sole proprietorship company, as most entrepreneurs in Denmark do, you must go to and find Start virksomhed. When the page opens, you must fill in your personal information, what kind of business you want to start, if you have employees, work with import or export, etc.

As you have used your NemID to login, you simply need to click Send and all your information is sent to the relevant authorities.
You are now the owner of a personally owned business and will soon receive your CVR number.

Partnership ( Interessentskab - I / S)

A partnership is created the same way as a sole proprietorship. The only difference is that in a partnership, there is more than one owner. All the owners of the partnership must fill in their personal information on the application form and all owners are equally liable for any debt in the company.

This means that if just one of the owners has money in the bank or home equity, and the others have no money, the man who has money must pay the debt.

Entrepreneurial Limited Company ( Iværksætterselskab – IVS)

An Entrepreneurial Limited Company (IVS) may be created for 1 Dkr. The IVS is a "little brother" to ApS, although it applies stricter rules for growing capital in the company and you may not pay dividends until the company capital has grown to 50,000 kr.

But otherwise, the entrepreneurial limited company is also a separate legal entity like the ApS, where you are only liable for the value you have put into the company.

Limited Company (Anpartsselskab - ApS)

A private limited company is a separate legal entity which requires 50,000 kr. in seed capital. You can register it yourself or you can have an accountant or lawyer to do it for 2-3,000 kr.

In an ApS, you are only liable for the capital you have invested in the company, but the bank will often require you as an individual to come up with security for the company debt to the bank.

Should you establish the company yourself, there are different things that need to be considered. Read more about setting up a private limited company and the establishment of a holding company.

Hobby Business

If you are doing hobby business activities, i.e. you buy or produce something that you sell on to customers and your turnover is below 50,000 Dkr. a year, you do not need to register your activity as a business.

However, you must still pay taxes on your profits. A hobby should not charge moms (VAT) and cannot deduct moms (VAT) from purchased items.

Read about hobby business - in Danish

Start as an entrepreneur in Denmark.

A-kasse for iværksættere og selvstændige...

Hvorfor stå i en A-kasse, når man er selvstændig?
En A-kasse er en forsikring imod arbejdsløshed der sikrer dig økonomisk.

I Danmark har man mulighed for at modtage forskellige ledighedsydelser, alt efter ens situation, dette gælder også selvstændige.

En af ydelserne hedder dagpenge, dette er den højeste ydelse man kan opnå som ledig, og det er en væsentlig højere sats end kontanthjælp.

Det kræver at man er medlem af en arbejdsløshedskasse, også kaldet en A-kasse.

Så se mere om en a-kasse for selvstændige:

Jamen, jeg er allerede medlem af en anden a-kasse? – Det gør ikke noget, det er nemt nok, Frie opsiger dit medlemsskab og sikrer, at din anciennitet flytter med. Og hvis du har betalt forud får du de penge retur igen.

Så tøv ikke. Se mere her:

Anbefaling godkendt af

The difficult part is creating the business equation - not to solve it.
- Søren Hougaard, forfatter, professor på CBS og iværksætter


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