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Parameters that affect sales

No one can give you the right recipe for a sales and marketing campaign that gets you large sales.

There are many parameters that influence sales, so you and your advisors will have to decide which parameters to use.

Optimization of sales

Ideally, a total optimization of your sales would be to add the necessary resources to each parameter at the right time. The big questions are: What are the necessary resources? When is the right time?

These parameters help you look at your products and services from different angles. Evaluate each of them and then decide which sales parameters you deem to be most valuable for your business.

1) Fundamental sales management tools:

  • Product design - product/service quality
  • Packaging - design, homogeneity, signalling eco-friendliness, recyclability, usefulness
  • Product range - wide, deep, trade specific
  • Price - pricing, psychological prices, sale, market-based price, etc.
  • Payment terms - cash, credit, discounts, etc.
  • Service - obligations to buyer, return policy, e-services, pre-delivery, after-sales
  • Location - near customers, near wholesaler, arbitrary
  • Staff - conduct, knowledge, expertise, specialization, attitude
  • Distribution - direct/indirect sales, retail concept, co-operative purchasing association, sales van, packaging, physical transportation, etc.

2) Communication parameters

Communication parameters are the parameters that you can use to promote your products:

  • Advertising - advertisements, printed media, internet, catalogues, brochures, magazines, flyers, cinema/TV/radio commercials, traffic adverts, shop displays, exhibition guides, signage, promotional gifts, etc.
  • Sales promotion - sample products, introductory offer, demonstration, delivery on approval, in-store displays…
  • Public relations - publicity, compelling storytelling, press releases, events, educational material…
  • Fair and exhibition showcasing
  • Sponsorship - providing sponsorship for cultural events, sports, and environmental causes
  • Personal sales promotion - sales letters, cold calling, direct mailing

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