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Focus on sales

Entrepreneurs spend too much time improving their product while ignoring the selling process.

As soon as you have registered your new business, you should start focusing on selling your product or service. The time it takes before you have a proper sale and a steady income is always underestimated.

When you find that you want to sell men´s clothing, create software applications or do graphic designing, your next thought should be:

Find the customers

You probably have a presumption of who your customers might be but you probably did not analyze nor study it.

Here are some questions you could ask yourself and your customers. The responses and the analysis of the answers can be the basis for your customer analysis - which may be included in your business plan:

  • Do I sell to businesses or consumers?
  • How many customers are there?
  • Are they men, women or seniors?
  • Do I contact large or small companies?
  • How many are there in total in my area, country or in Europe?
  • What do these consumers do in their spare time?
  • What is the price they would be willing to pay for the product or the service?
  • Where did they buy my product or service today?

Ask 5 potential customers

In order to make a more educated guess, you could interview 5 potential customers and see if they would buy your product rather than the one they´re using today. Talking to 5 potential customers - who are not your friends - provides invaluable knowledge about your customers.

You can also, in conversation with customers, evaluate your competitors´ strengths against yours. Also contact sector professionals and get their assessment of your product.

Your old employer as a first customer

You may also be in the fortunate position of already having 5 customers when you start your business. Or you might have agreed with your former employer that they would buy at least 500 hours of work from you in the first two years.
Selling to customers

Once you know who your customers are, you must find a good way of reaching out to them. You must therefore ensure that there is plenty of time in your work week to contact customers - ideally one day out of the week.
There´s not just one correct way of contacting customers. The ways you communicate with them depends a lot on what industry you are in, the competitive environment and how different you are from your competitors.

Contact customers

Here is a non-exhaustive list of ways to contact customers:

  • Pick up the phone and call - telephone sales
  • Write a good sales letter and use the AIDA method
  • Use Google Ad Words
  • Contact your network
  • Brand yourself on social media
  • Seek leads during conferences
  • Create your own professional website
  • Put great signs in front of your store or on your car
  • Stuff flyers into mailboxes (make sure it is legal to do so)
  • Write a book

Get more ideas by reading about sales and contact parameters and other sales and marketing articles on this website

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Anbefaling godkendt af

The hardest part about being an entrepreneur is that you’ll fail ten times for every success.
– Adam Horwitz, amerikansk iværksætter


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