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Planning to start a business and become an entrepreneur

Administration in a company

About VAT - Value Added Tax (moms)
Administering your business
Consumer vs. Business VAT
Tax and own business

Financing startup

3 important budgets
Business Plan
Cash budget
Establishing budget
Financing for start-ups
Operating budget

Legalise your business

Authorisations to start
Entrepreneurial limited company – Iværksætterselskab - IVS
Industry codes (branchekode)
Payroll tax - lønsumsafgift
Registration of business - getting the CVR
Sole Proprietorship - enkeltmandsvirksomhed

Personal consideration

Guide to start a business in Denmark
Starting as a freelancer
Successful entrepreneurs
Unemployment and business

Sales and marketing

Research your market
Elevator pitch
Focus on sales
Sales channels for your product
Shop and Restaurant Marketing
Use your network
Who are your competitors

Social enterprise

What is a social enterprise

When you have started a business

Bookkeeping and accounting

Accounting software in Denmark
Daily routines in bookkeeping
Daily transactions in bookkeeping
How to do bookkeeping
Tax Deductibility
VAT/moms rebate

Focus on revenue

Go for a higher profit

Help to marketing and sales

Parameters that affect sales

Hiring staff

Employee rights in the company

The law and your business

Agreements between companies
Insurances in the company
Private limited Company - Anpartsselskab - ApS
Terms of Sale and Delivery

The person behind the business

If you become sick as self-employed